Intoduction to ruTorrent


This page will serve as a general "how to" for the basic day to day use or rutorrent.

Menu Bars

The following is a list of each menu item.

Top Menu Bar

The top Menu Bar has some quick action buttons. These include:

  • Add a torrent
  • Remove
  • Start
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Settings
  • About
  • Create
  • RSS

Left Side Menu

  • State: Sorts torrents by category

All: All torrents, running, stopped, seeding, finished.
Download: Torrents which are downloading (stopped, but incomplete torrents will show here).
Finished: Finished torrents, (seeding or complete).
Active: Torrents which are currently uploading or downloading data.
Inactive: Torrents which are not currently uploading or downloading data.
Error: Torrents which have received an error notification from the tracker.

  • Labels: Lets you sort by label.

  • Tracker: Lets you sort by Tracker

  • Search: Lets you sort by local Search Query.
  • Feeds: Lets you view rss items


The Tabs on the lower half of the screen allow access to various types of information. Some of these items are only available by plugin. The tabs are:

  • General : This tab is exactly what it sounds like, general information for whatever torrent you have selected. You can also find remaining disk space here.
  • Files : This tab shows all files or parts for the current torrent selected, and download status of each. You can use this tab to set per-file download priority.
  • Trackers : This tab shows the tracker(s) for the current torrent selected.
  • Peers : This tab displays peer information for the current torrent
  • Speed : This tab shows a graph of upload and download speed over the last few minutes.
  • Plugins : This tab shows installed and active plugins.
  • Trafic : This tab shows per tracker, and overal Traffic statistics in a variety of time intervals.
  • Logger : This tab shows error messages, and other system events.

Bottom Menu Bar

The Bottom menu bar was added in ruTorrent 3.0. It shows general "total" speed information, and can be used to set the server Throttle level. Also shows remaining space.

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