General Usage

Now that you know where the buttons are, this section is designed to explain how to use them.

Adding Torrents

To begin adding torrents, click the "add a torrent" menu button ()

This should open the following menu:

This gives you 2 options for adding torrents

Add torrent via url

If you know the url for the torrent you wish to download, you can just
add it like shown in the following screenshot
(note: you can leave space blank if you like, doing so will download to you home dir)

Add torrent via direct upload of .torrent file

You might find it more convenient to download the .torrent file, and uploaded to the webui.
To do this, click the "Choose file" button, this should open a window like this:

simply browse to the .torrent file you wish to add, and click "open" (or "ok" on some browsers)
This should add the .torrent file to the location where "Choose file" was previously.

Now, simply click "Add File"

Stop, Pause, Remove

There are 2 methods to stop, pause or remove torrents.

Using the Menu Bar buttons

This is really almost self explanatory...but you can use the top menu buttons to stop pause and remove torrents.
To do so, simply select a torrent you wish to control:

and click the option on the top bar you wish to use.

  • to stop click
  • to pause click
  • to remove click

Using the right click menu

You can also right click a torrent from the list, bringing up a menu with different options.

(note: some of the options in the screenshot below are only available by plugin.)

Local Search

The local search option allows you to search the current list of running torrents.
It also adds a new menu category for each search on the left hand of the screen which will stay open until you
close the webui or manually remove it.

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